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Easter Island

Unraveling the Mysteries of Easter Island

Explore the captivating history and mysteries of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui. Discover the theories surrounding the creation and purpose of the iconic Moai statues and delve into the rich cultural legacy of this remote Pacific island.

Beyond the Ice Wall

The story of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's alleged journey beyond the ice wall through the "summer gate" is a captivating and mysterious narrative that...

The Intriguing Origins of the Word ‘Fortean’ and its Connection to Charles Fort

In this blog post, we will delve into the origins of the word 'Fortean' and its fascinating connection to the Dutch-American writer, Charles Fort.
ASTER Richat Structure

The Eye of the Sahara, Atlantis?

The Eye of the Sahara is a natural geological formation located in the Sahara desert, near the town of Ouadane, in Mauritania.
egypt pyramid

The Origins of the Pyramids

The pyramids have captivated the world for centuries, standing as magnificent structures that defy explanation. As one of the most remarkable achievements of ancient civilizations, these architectural marvels have been the subject of endless research and speculation.